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ASX Series High-temperature experimentation box


ASX model high-temp. experimentation box is mainly used in experimentation and batch production for film arrangement, drying, solidification, pre-firing, sintering etc. of product such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Adopting special heat insulation material and high-quality heating components, using hot-blast air circulation as heating mode, this equipment features great temperature distribution, can provide air pre-warming system and automatic air charging and discharging devices according to technology requirements of products. With factory-packed controlling system brought in from abroad, it is safe and reliable, easy to operate, with a wide temperature range, highly accurate in temperature controlling (specialist PID control), effective in heat preservation, uniform with hearth temperature, etc.

High-temperature experimentation box

Technical parameter

High-temperature experimen-tation box Working temperature
Dimension of hearth
B×H×D (mm)
Accuracy of temperature controlling (℃) Heating

temperature uniformity
ASX-500 400  800×1050×600 ±1 resistance wire 10 ±2
ASX-640 450  800×1000×800 ±1 resistance wire 12 ±2

Remark: structure of equipment can be designed according to customer’s particular requirements.