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Density measuring instrument

This instrument is in line with ISO and GB standards, is easy to use, configured with two vibrating platforms and its vibrating frequency is adjustable. Meter test tubes with two volumes can be placed within, and the fixing device for the meter test tube is rationally designed. This instrument is featured by low power loss and high stability, reliability and endurance.

PF-100B Tap density measuring instrument is designed on basis of ISO(internationally) and GB (domestically) standards. It adopts high property MCU and electro-overwriting digital memorizer (E2PROM), equipped with such integrated circuits as high property Hall probe, high resolution A/D convertor and high speed operation amplifier. It is advancedly designed, stably and reliably controlled, its rapping times can be set and rapping state can automatically come to halt. Equipped with meter test tubes of two volumes, it can measure the tap density for all apparently bulk density powders.

Characteristics for this testing instrument: vibrating frequency adjustable (applicable for measurement in different industries), meter test tubes with two volumes configuration (suitable for powders of any density), rational design, easy to use, etc. Application range: metal, metal-oxide, different compounds/ powders.

Working principle summary

Fix the measuring cylinder for powder onto mechanical vibrating device, which will be vibrated up and down driven by vibrating motor. The meter test tube loaded with powders will vibrate rhythmically with the mechanically vibrating device, as the vibrating times increases, powders in the measuring cylinder will become compact, when the vibrating running out of its set times, the vibrating device stops vibrating, with the volume read on the meter test tubes. According to the density definition, density= weight/volume, so the density for the powder is figured out.

Main technical parameters

  • 6 digits LED display
  • counting time :199999~999999 Range
  • Counting frequency : < 0.5million times/sec
  • Tapping frequency : 0~300times/min (adjustable)
  • Rapping scope : 3 mm (fixed)
  • Tube clamping device : 2pcs
  • Meter test tube : 4 ( 4 tubes in total with two types)
  • Power Supply :AC 220V/50Hz
  • Power :< 70 W
  • Dimension :360mm×300mm×155mm
  • Weight :16 kg