FeCrCo magnetic materials

We are specialized in producing FeCrCo magnetic materials.Magnetic materials supplied from our company have following incomparable characteristics :

  • High-temperature enduring: magnetism will not decrease at less than 400 d Celsius.
  • Machineable: cutting, tapping, pressing and hole punching.
  • Impact-resistant: counterbalance the shortcomings such as fragility and cracking-susceptible for other magnetic materials.
  • Magnetic requirement can be customs adjusted.

Existing products include bar/strip magnet(of different shapes), screw-holed magnetic appliances; magnetic fittings used in spinning equipments; water pumps and motors, electric meter, damping magnet, relay magnet, etc.

FeCrCo magnetic materialsFeCrCo magnetic materials

Used in magnetic revolving system, magnetic stagnant clutch (brake)

Ring magnets of different specification are available.

Ring magnetsRing magnets

Magnetic fittings for spinning machine are available.

Specifications for magnetic products can be custom made in line with order quantity.

Magnetic fittings for spinning machineMagnetic fittings for spinning machine

We are mainly engaged in the manufacturing of FeCrCo magnetic materials

  • FeCrCo magnetic materials: magnet bar (D1.5-13mm)
  • Magnetic sheeting: can be machined into different shapes(including bowl shape)
  • High-temperature resistant magnetic bar (D1.5-13mm)
  • Square magnet

FeCrCo materials

Magnetic appliances

FeCrCo materials:

Magnetic bar(D1.5-13mm), sheeting: can be machined into different shapes(such as bowl shape)featuring hi-temp resistant (D1.5-13mm), square magnet;


To be confirmed in person.


According to customer?s need.

Packing details:

Ordinary dimension: according to customer?s requirement

Magnetic appliances

FeCrCo magnetic materials and appliances

FeCrCo materials is a new type of new materials that can be submitted to mechanical tooling, can be widely used in many areas. Hi-temp. resitant: can endure a temperature up to 400 degree Celsius; bar shape can be made to as slim as D1.8mm, sheeting shape can be made to as thin as 0.5mm. can be widely used in motor, water pump, medical treatment appliances, military purposed application, relays, etc.

FeCrCo magnetic materials FeCrCo magnetic materials

FeCrCo magnetic materials FeCrCo magnetic materials