Alnico Magnetic Powder

Yuxiang is the manufacturer of technically pure Magnetic Powder, which is available in following types: Water atomized powder, Gas atomized powder (spherical shape), Naturally mined magnetic powder (magnetite). AlNiCo magnetic powder is made of AlNiCo magnet, which can be cracked into required particle size, characterized with low Br temperature coefficient.

alnico powder

Alnico Powder Features:

Our Alnico Powder assures such factors: as high flux density and superior temperature stability of quality for each application, with modernized manufacturing system. It is available for sintered magnetic powder and bonded magnetic powder. Both kinds of powders feature high filling capacity, high saturation flux density, low power losses, excellent temperature resistance and impact resistance.


The alnico magnetic powder is mainly used in raw material of bonded magnet, plastic magnet; permanent magnets, all kinds of fault detection; magnetic printable substrates, magnetic films, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, video tape, copy toners, fingerprinting, sensors, fuel injectors, nano level fluid sealing, and other highly temperature sensitivity fields. Purity convergence Magnet. Beam Arrangement Magnet. Magnetic bearings and braking magnet in watt-hour meters. Telephone receivers. Small sized motors for special purposes.