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FeCrCo abnormal permanent magnetic alloy is one of our prides, which already passed IS09001: 2000 quality certificate. As of now, distribution of the products covers every part throughout China, and abroad markets including United States of America, South Korea, Japan, etc.

fecrco magnet

Fecrco magnet

FeCrCo are widely used in electro-acoustical, electronic industry, telephone, tachometer, micro-motor, loudspeaker, micro-rely-swith, nautical instrument, Space aviation instruments, automobile meters, automatic controlling meter.

bonded alnico

Bonded AlNiCo

AlNiCo describes a family of materials, which is comprised of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements.

sinter alnico

Sinter AlNiCo

Sintered Alnico magnets are formed by compacting fine Alnico powder in a press and then sintering the compacted powder into a solid magnet.

alnico magnet

AlNiCo powder

AlNiCo magnetics powder is made of AlNiCo magnet and can be cracked into required particle size, characterized with low Br temperature coefficient.

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