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Speaker magnetizer

Yuxiang has a great deal of experience involved in the design and production of Speaker magnetizer. The unique magnetic problems are involved in magnetizing speakers and we are willing to assist you in designing the speaker's magnetic structure so that it is optimized for the magnetizing process (by reducing eddy currents in the basket structure, for example). We have designed and built C-Frame magnetizing fixtures for magnetizing large ferrite car audio speakers and are using a new method of fixture design that greatly reduces heating (which allows for a faster cycle rate). Neodymium speaker magnet is much more powerful than ferrite speaker magnets. Our Speakers magnetizer are various with the shape of ring, disk / cylinder, block and segment and other shapes and are widely used in various speakers. Speaker magnet sizes: 1) OD from 30 to 280mm. 2) Thickness 40mm can be achieved

Characteristics of Speaker magnetizer:

Magnetic speakers have high permanence, high coercive force, high energy, high performance / cost ratios, having high dimensional precision, versatile shapes and specifications, Impact-resistant, advanced surface treatment technology, effectively protective, integrated forming.

Application of Speaker magnetizer:

Magnetic speakers are used in instruments, meters, electro-acoustic devices, micro-motors, magnet-medical apparatus, copier and laser printer rolls, Permanent motor magnets (rotors and other components), Magnetic rings for aerodynamic component, Color monitor/TV purity convergence magnet, Computer Speaker, stationery and toys.