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Yuxiang Magnetic Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. is the high-technology enterprise, which is specialized in manufacturing, developing and selling Alnico magnet, Bonded Alnico magnet, Alnico powder,alnico magnet assemblies. Its ?motor magnet?, ?high coercive force magnet? manufacture technology of the series is among the top of the world market. Our permanent magnets are applied in these fields: instruments, generators and motors, microphone, telephone, receivers, clutches and brakes, relays, sensors and so on. We are in possession of a perfect effective working team of professional engineers, excellent management, advanced technology equipment and testing instruments.

Yuxiang Magnetic achieved ISO 9001:2000 certificated manufacturer in August 2002, and passed the new version in August 8, 2005. We have been absorbing all advantageous experience from both home and abroad to minimize our disadvantages and enhance our production capability. By bringing scientific management into the production, we have every single process controlled well to achieve high quality.


Quality and control

Quality policy : Unless specified by the user, we will adopt standard sampling method for the final test of the permanent magnet. Our sampling inspection is as per the National military standard GJB179A, inspection level class , AQL1.5.

Environmental policy

Saving energy source, utilizing resources effectively, Our action, production and service comply with relative environmental laws, rules and other requirements.

Safety policy

safety first, high self ?awareness of danger-prevention among by preventing wrong operation among all workers concerned, calmness to report in time whenever dangerous situation occurs.

Safety policy

Management concept : with the spirit of ?people foremost?, we have been positively improving advanced technologies to meet our clients? needs, protecting environment to become a sustaining-developing-oriented enterprise. Certification Magnet vendor qualification process: Following outlines step by step evaluation process to determine the magnet vendor for example Yuxiang Magnetic Materials. Price quotation with all formal documents (price list, drawing, etc). If price is attractive as felt by the purchase manager, a technical evaluation project will be initialed. We would be asked to provide the demagnetization curves at various temperatures and to keep update with the curves of the new grades of magnets. If the demagnetization curves pass the evaluation of the design engineer, we could supply further samples ,of course,some sample could be free but some will not. For samples be asked for evaluation. For ferrite magnet, no prior magnetization is required, however, rare earth magnet sample has to be magnetized before send to us. If the customer will measure the demagnetization curves at various temperatures against potential producer's curves. If in consistence, a small trial order will be placed to test the in time delivery. If all these mentioned evaluation went through with positive results,maybe a production order will be placed. Our drawing for magnets will be attached for each new order. part number could be assigned for each type of magnets and vendor. After few production orders, random quality consistence checking and with a positive evaluation, Yuxiang will come your qualified vendor. The current trend is that more and more companies transfer their purchase center into China to their representative office or their manufacture affiliates. We have to be flexible with this change. The previous export goods will turn to be domestic orders.