BLMT series high temperature muffle furnace

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High Temperature Muffle FurnaceDescription: high-temperature box type furnaceBLMT1700 series batch-type muffle furnace are widely applied in many industries lik


High Temperature Muffle Furnace

Description: high-temperature box type furnace

BLMT1700 series batch-type muffle furnace are widely applied in many industries like ceramics, metallurgy, electronic, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, magnetic materials, new materials, specialty materials, building materials and so on. Adopting special heat insulation material and high-quality heating components, this equipment features great temperature distribution, can provide air pre-warming system and automatic air charging and discharging devices according to technology requirements of products. With factory-packed controlling system brought in from abroad, it is safe and reliable, easy to operate, with a wide temperature range, high accurate in temperature control, effective in heat preservation, uniform with heating temperature, etc.


  1. Precise temperature control tolerance: ±1°C
  2. Temperature uniformity: ±1°C (decided by the size of heating chamber)
  3. Microcomputer control mode and programmable make it easy to operate, heating, maintaining temperature and cooling are automatically
  4. Rapid warming (rising speed of temperature: 20~40°C/min)
  5. Energy saving
  6. The furnace temperature is close to room temperature
  7. Adopting imported fireproof materials, features high performance in heat preservation and good resistance in rapid heating and rapid quench
  8. Temperature options: 1400°C, 1600°C, 1700°C, 1750°C

high temperature muffle furnace

Technical parameters:

Effective Hearth Working Size
Control Precision
200×150×150 220 5 ±1
300×200×200 380 10 ±1
500×300×200 380 12 ±1
500×300×300 380 15 ±1
800×500×500 380 30 ±1

Hearth sizes are available according to customer's request

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