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Batch-type Resistance FurnaceRX3 Series batch-type resistance furnace is an energy-saving electric furnace that operates on a regular basis, it meets Chinese Na


Batch-type Resistance Furnace

RX3 Series batch-type resistance furnace is an energy-saving electric furnace that operates on a regular basis, it meets Chinese National standard, is mainly used for heat treatment on a variety of metals during process such as normalizing, quenching and annealing.

This electric resistance furnace is made by welding steel plate and profiled bar together, with super-light energy-saving firebricks as its lining; the load bearing part is built by heavy firebricks which lay side by side tightly under high-temp. binder, as a result the lining is strengthened; the complicated structure built by aluminum silicate refractory fiber and diatomite heat preservation bricks is adopted to form the heat preservation layer for the furnace, thus increase the heat preservation property for the furnace body and decrease the wall temperature on the other hands.


Heating components (mid-temperature materials, 0Cr25AL5; high-temp. materials: 0Cr27AL7Mo2) wind into spiral shape and is fixed on the placing bricks of furnace wall and furnace base, work parts to be machined will be placed on Base Plate of the furnace base(mid-temp. materials: 0Cr25AL5; high-temp. materials: Ni7N)


The elevation of furnace door is controlled by chain wheel manually or by motor. On one side of the furnace door there is a balancing hammered heavy pail used to adjust furnace door weight, a pail that will be adjusted in weight when the furnace door overweighs or is too light. On the furnace door is installed a open circuit device, which is chained together with wheel and axle and will cut off the heating components power supply to assure the personal safety of operators once furnace door opens.

Thermocouple is inserted from top of the furnace to the hearth, thus temperature can feedback to the electric controlling cabinet so as to keep control on the temperature within the furnace.

model rated power rated voltage phase number rated temperature size of hearth Max. load amount
RX3-15-99Q 15 380 2 950 ℃ 650×300×250 80
RX3-30-99Q 30 380 3 950 ℃ 950×450×350 200
RX3-45-99Q 45 380 3 950 ℃ 1200×600×400 400
RX3-60-99Q 60 380 3 950 ℃ 1500×750×450 700
RX3-75-99Q 75 380 3 950 ℃ 1800×950×550 1200
RX3-20-99Q 20 380 3 1200 ℃ 650×300×250 50
RX3-45-99Q 45 380 3 1200 ℃ 950×450×350 100
RX3-65-99Q 65 380 3 1200 ℃ 1200×600×400 200
RX3-90-99Q 90 380 3 1200 ℃ 1500×750×450 400
RX3-115-99Q 115 380 3 1200 ℃ 1800×950×550 600
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