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ZS type vibrating screen machineGeneral Description:Vibrating screen is the latest model of the international screening equipments, which integrates the functio


ZS type vibrating screen machine

General Description:

Vibrating screen is the latest model of the international screening equipments, which integrates the function of flat screen, swinging screen and scrolling screen into one equipment, applicable for sieving of powder and granule material and filtration of fluid in all industries.

ZS type vibrating screen machine


  1. Continuous production, coarse powders and fine powders are separated and discharged automatically, automated working
  2. Closed structure, no dust
  3. Screen Mesh never blocked, screen utilization rate is high
  4. Change mesh easily, simple operation, easy to clean
  5. Small size, save space, easy to move
  6. Energy-saving, labor-saving, lower production cost

Technical Parameters:

Model-Screen diameter
Sieving Capability
Motor power
Screen Net Layers Valid Sieving Area
Outline dimension
ZS-φ400 50-400 0.75 1-3 0.09 550×550×1030 180
ZS-φ500 80-800 1.1 1-3 0.16 710×710×1030 230
ZS-φ600 120-1300 1.1 1-3 0.23 820×820×1030 280
ZS-φ800 170-2500 1.5 1-4 0.42 1050×1050×1160 320
ZS-φ1000 250-4000 1.5 1-4 0.66 1250×1250×1160 360
ZS-φ1200 350-7000 1.5 1-3 0.89 1450×1450×1160 470
ZS-φ1500 500-9000 2.2 1-3 1.48 1780×1780×1160 580

Principle & Function:

Material Flow Direction Hammer Angle Features Main Function
5°        Raw materials flow from center to rounded edge directly For mass screening of raw materials in general classification, applicable for coarse particles
15°      Raw materials make slower swirly outflow to rounded edge For secondary mesh screen working angle
60°     Raw materials make farthest swirly outflow to rounded edge For fine mesh screen, separating condensed raw materials with high moisture in precision classification
≥90°  Raw materials concentrate to the center Special purpose


  1. Filter: paper sizing agent, calcium carbonate, starch, paint, paper pulp, mud, water, oil, solid-liquid, slurry and mucus material autosegregation
  2. Food: seasoning powder, flour, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, soy sauce, citric acid, chlorophyll, etc.
  3. Metallurgy: Zinc, tungsten powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, iron powder, alloy powder, magnetic materials, bonded, sintered NdFeB
  4. Mining: welding powder, quartz powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin, alumina, silicon carbide, refractory materials, battery raw materials
  5. Chemical industry: dyes, powder coating, pearlescent pigments, plastics, paints, phosphor, lithopone, etc.
  6. Medicine: compounds, pills, Chinese and Western raw materials, bio-pharmaceuticals, health care
  7. Mechanical: powder metallurgy, electrical alloy, stamping parts and other chains of different sizes of pars and components separation, separation of parts and abrasive
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